• Desktop CT (μCT)

Desktop CT (μCT)

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Desktop CT (μCT)

This system based on computer tomography technology, it supports 2D and 3D inspection, with automatic defect recognition inspection, nondestructive measurement, material analysis, reverse engineering functions,etc.The system is ideal for inspecting metal, ceramics, core, complex casting part, plastic parts, auto parts, jewelry, new material and semiconductor,etc. It is widely used in 3D print technology, biological research, medicine, aerospace, machinery, electric, ship, military, material, geology, archaeology, etc.

The product technology has obtained the national invention patent.

Main Functions:

●Using cone beam CT scan and DR inspection mode, based on inspected object size, it can obtain tens to thousands pieces tomographic images each scan.

●X ray source suits small objects inspection.

●It can be installed on table, occupy small space.

●Imaging mode: 2D, 3D

●The system can analyze defect and pore, support ROI scan.

●Use different color to mark defect's volume, size and position.

●Count and analyze defect dimension, calculating pore ratio, and generate pore volume histogram.

●Analysis of wall thickness: use different color mark the analysis results.

●Measurement tools: measure position, distance, radius, angle and other parameters of the object.

●Reverse engineering: CAD design and compare with physical object.

●Segmentation tool: data centralization, segmentation according to material and geometry.

●Achieve accurate measurement of internal dimensions of the object.

●Fiber composite material analysis function

●Comparison function between design and object

Main Parameters:

●Tube voltage: 20kV~90kV

●Focus size: 5μm

●Spatial resolution: 3μm

●Density resolution: 0.3%~0.5%

●Scan method: cone beam scanning


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