• Microfocus X-ray Inspection System

Microfocus X-ray Inspection System

Application range:
Inner defect of the metal material and dielectric material

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Microfocus X-ray Inspection System

This system is a high-tech product which integrates with modern computer software technology, precision mechanical technology, optical technology, electronic technology, sensor technology, NDT technology and image processing technology. It is an efficient method for product researching, invalidation analysis, high reliable filtering, quality evaluation and artifact improvement.

The product technology has obtained the national invention patent.


●BGA, CSP and flip chip

●Welds of PCB

●Various battery

●IC encapsulation

●Capacitance and resistance

●Inner defect of the metal material and dielectric material

●Inner structure and module of the light weight material

●Electrothermal pipe, pearl and precision Components

Main Functions of Image Processing System:

●Virtual 3D imaging, real-time imaging zoom in and out.

●Gray level optimized, real-time artificial, humanized design

●Electronic shoot, many frames superposition, fast and convenience

●Supporting positive and negative imaging, edge strength

●Precise measurement of the curve and statistics

●New measurement tool

●BGA welds measurement technology

●Measuring the angles, radius, welding ball area, air pore; pore proportion calculating and welding ball coordinate and statistic

●Dynamic store, print, DVD read and write and other output mode

Main Parameters:

●Microfocus X-ray source

●Tube voltage range: 20kV160kV

●Tube current range: 0.1μA~1000μA

●JIMA Resolution: 0.5μm~2μm

●Magnification: 20 times ~3000 times

●The inspect platform can move along x, y and z axes


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