Installation notes for X-ray instrumentation
2016/5/30 13:13:49

1. All the point detectors have to be mounted correct direction; sensitive part must be at the center-line of the vessel.

2. All cable entries must be at lowest position/cable going to detector from bottom.

3. In order to avoid direct sunshine, two detectors of 2501&2502 should have a top cover.

4. For level switch, the bracket of the detector is always higher than the bracket of the shielding.

5. For LT-2503, the space from the bracket to the frame is too small to put the shielding in position. As the shielding 

    diameter is 190mm. The mounting plate of the shield is 120mm wide. But the current space is only 90mm. We suggest that 

    increase the space up to 190mm. Otherwise, it could not be installed.