• Desktop X-ray diffractometer system

Desktop X-ray diffractometer system

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Desktop X-ray diffractometer system

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Desktop X-ray diffractometer system

It is a functional and miniaturized desktop X-ray diffractometer system, enriched advanced technology of traditional diffractometer,which is designed for industrial production and quality control. It can get accurate qualitative and crystal structure analysis of metal and nonmetal samples. Especially suitable for catalyzer, titanium dioxide, cement, pharmacy and other manufacturing industry.


lRating power (tube voltage, tube current): 600W (40kV, 15mA) or 1200W (40kV,30mA), stability degree: 0.005%

lX-ray tube: Metal ceramic X ray tube, target material: Cu, power:2.4kW, focus size: 1×10mm; air cooling or water cooling (flaw>2.5L/min)

lGoniometer: Sample level θs-θd,radius of diffraction: 150mm

lScanning fashion: continuous, stepping and Omg

lAngle scanning range: θs / θd dlinkage /single action: -3° -150°

lMInimal stepping wide: 0.0001°

lAngle repeatable accuracy 0.0005°

lAngle locating speed: 1500°/min

lCounter: Closed proportional counters or High speed one-dimensional semiconductor counter

lEnergy spectrum resolution:<25%

lMaximal counting rate of linearity: ≧5×105CPS(Proportional), ≧9×107CPS(one-dimensional semiconductor)

lComputer: DELL business notebook

l Instrument control software: Windows7;tube current, tube voltage and optical shutter can automatically control the X-ray generator; X-ray tube aging training;step or Omg scanning can be controlled to collect data at the same time;

Data processing: Automatical and manual peak-seaking, integrated intensity, peak height, weight, background subtraction, smooth, peak amplification, profile comparison, etc.

lData processing software: Qualitative phase; quantitative analysis; Kα1, α2  stripping; full spectrum fitting; cyclone fitting; calculation of half peak width and grain size; unit cell determination; two types of stress calculation; diffraction line indexing; multiple drawing; 3D drawing; diffraction data calibration; background subtraction; standard-less quantitative analysis; WPF; XRD; diffraction pattern simulating.

lRadiation protection: Lead and glass cabinet, irradiation safety is better than 1μSv/h

lIntegrated stability: ≦1‰

lLoad up at most 6 samples at a time with sample changer.

lFigure size: 600 × 410 × 670(w × d × h)mm

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