Casting Inspection (Al, Fe, Cu)
2016/6/17 8:11:27

                                          Automobile Die Casting Inspection

In the past 50 years, radiographic testing has been one of the main technologies for industry nondestructive testing. With the expansion of the die castings manufacturers and the quality testing standard raised, the radiological equipment and relative technologies are required to be much higher . To improve production efficiency, Aolong Group launched X-ray digital imaging detection system. It is a high-tech product which consists of high frequency mobile (stationary type) X-ray detector, digital flat image system, computer image processing system, mechanical electric system, radiation protection system. It adopts X-ray to penetrate the casting, store the image, and then do non-destructive evaluation on the casting internal. The defect types can be judged as horizontal, vertical and dendritic cracks, porosity, large or medium size of shrinkage cavity, linear gap and shrinkage. It is the effective means for product analysis, failure analysis, high reliability screening, quality assessment and process improving.

Die casting porosity                                               


Knuckle defect


Die casting defect


 Detection equipment


 Detection equipment——X-ray Real-time Imaging System