PCB/BGA/CSP/Clip Board Welding Defects Inspection
2016/6/17 8:35:48

                                  PCB Board Welding Defects Inspection

As a carrier of various components and the hub for circuit signal transmission, PCB has been the most important key part of the electronic information product. The level of the PCB’s quality and reliability determines the quality of the full set product. Because of the development trend of high density and the environmental requirement of Lead-free and halogen-free for PCB, more and more PCB have failure problems, such as non-wetting, popcorn, delamination, CAF, etc. Obtaining the failure mechanism and causes is good for the PCB quality control, so that to avoid the same kind of the problems happening again.

PCB defects


PCB detection


PCB detection


Detection equipment

Flat CT                                                                          Desktop CT(μCT)

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