3D Print Scanning
2016/6/17 9:30:37

                                                              3D Print Scanning

High precision industrial CT and 3D print technology are the most advanced 3D scanning and 3D manufacturing technology. The increasingly mature of this technology provides new product design and manufacturing technology for traditional manufacturing. High precision industrial CT adopts radiometric imaging principle to realize precise quantification nondestructive testing and evaluation for key components, element and system. It does layered scanning on the real product to obtain 3D data model.

Application and promotion of industrial CT not only provide a new way of data acquisition, extend the range of 3D printing; but also provide a new print testing means and improve quality and reliability of printing. From a longer-term perspective, the core of 3D printing is going to be printing multiple material at one time. For example, one non-metallic printer can print materials with different colors, one metallic printer can print titanium with stainless steel. Printing multi-materials at one time by one printer will be the significant milestone in manufacturing industry. Our industrial CT also can test the density of the object, obtain the material information of any position of the object, so that it can do full-scale detection.

Detection picture


Detection equipment——Microfocous Industry CT