Cultural Relic Inspection
2016/6/17 9:36:56

                                               Cultural Relic Inspection

The ancestor had created tremendous material civilization in the long process of history development and left us numerous volumes of cultural remains. Because these cultural treasures are made up of various materials, knowing the cultural treasures and the pathological changes regularity, and detecting the its internal process structures and damages are the preconditions of protecting cultural relics. Only by getting internal sense on the cultural relics, so can we adopt the specific and practical protect method and material to greatly reduce the adventure in protecting and avoid “Protective destruction” to protect the human cultural heritage more effectively.

Human’s enshrinement and protecting for antique have been age-old. This is because of human’s perceiving on laws of nature , that means everything run its own course, human always want to do everything in their power to prolong the life of the treasure and slow down its process of natural decay. For this purpose, we use various means and material to save a decaying treasure, this evolved microcosmic and figurative preservation techniques of cultural relics with respect to the policy.

Currently the developing trends of scientific represents both highly differentiated and highly integrated, socialization system. The gradually combination of natural science and social sciences reflects the nature and society more deeply and more comprehensively. Historical relics as the material relics of human history and culture, it is a complex not only reflect nature but also carry human information, so the research on culture relic must comply with the general trend of modern scientific development. People will not longer only use one instrument or one method to judge the historical relic, they will analysis the relic from the surface to the centre, from macro to micro to judge the value of the relic comprehen.

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Detection equipment——Microfocous Industry CT