• Hand Type Personal Radiation Tester

Hand Type Personal Radiation Tester

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Hand Type Personal Radiation Tester

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Hand Type Personal Radiation Tester

HENT31-021A is a high-speed and accuracy meter for testing γ-ray radiation, which could be used to radioactive test, radiation monitoring of nuclear equipment, radiation protection of nuclear power plants and worker’s individual dose statistics. The personal radiation tester is specifically used for workers at nuclear power plant, nuclear material, nuclear component production, nuclear waste disposal companies and other nuclear regulatory, nuclear medicine, environmental monitoring departments. 

Differ from traditional GM tube, the instrument adopts scintillation detector, which improves sensitivity,. In the practical operation, it can quickly response, reduce worker’s absorbed dose. Energy compensation function ensures accuracy. Current radiation dose and cumulative radiation dose can display on the screen in real time. By sound frequencies, flicker frequency and indicator color, the instrument can show the intensity of the radiation at present, when the radiation dose reach the set value,  vibration warning turns on.IP65 water proof and dust proof. Strong and waterproof body can be used in harsh environment and satisfy different needs.

Product features

Newly designed, high sensitivity, fast respond, high efficient

Dust proof, water proof, anti-impact 

AA battery, easy replacement

Easy operating

Sound and light double warning

Well legibility and practicability


Radiation type: γ-ray, X-ray, 60KeV~1.33MeV

Dose rate range: 0.01μSv/h~300μSv/h

Total measuring range: 0.1μSv~1

Count rate: 1~10000cps

Dose rate accuracy: < ±15%

Power supply: two AA batteries

Protection level: IP65

Work environment: -10°~ +50°

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