• Omidirectional Ray Source Locator

Omidirectional Ray Source Locator

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Omidirectional Ray Source Locator


Omidirectional Ray Source Locator

HENT33-051A adopts extensive scintillation detector, multilayer array scintillator, it can judge the direction of the ray source by distribution ratio on different scintillation detector unit. It has characteristic of high sensitivity, high energy resolution and radionuclide identification function.

Product features

Extensive crystal array, high detective sensitivity

Ray source identification

Radionuclide identification

Detectable measurement

Built-in power supply


X-ray detection type: γ-ray

Detecting energy range: 59KeV~1.33MeV

Dose rate: 0.01μSv/h~100μSv/h

Count rate: 10~100000cps

Azimuth accuracy: Horizontal ±10°, vertical ±20°

Azimuth indicator range: Horizontal 0~360°, vertical -45°~90°

Azimuth indicator time: 10μCi137Cs@1m, 30s

Type of radionuclide identification: 20 kinds of common radionuclides

Power supply mode: Built-in power supply (+12V external power supply is allowed)

Power supply working time: 5 hours

Protection level: Dust proof, water proof

Work environment: -20°~+60°