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LED Film Viewer

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LED Film Viewer



LED Viewer


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The cold light source film viewer, in terms of national evaluation requirement, accurately and definitely observe gap cavity, crack, slag inclusion and other minor defects of a workpiece in a radiographic film.

This film viewer is widely applied to the observation and evaluation of x ray films in many industries such petroleum, chemical engineering, spaceflight, electrical power, mechanism, shipbuilding, railway, metallurgy and etc.

The film viewer has the features of elegant shape, rational construction, uniform stability of light and long life span of usage.

To convenient the radiographic interpretation, the film viewer has equipped with multi-functional calculator and radiographic interpretation classification criterion. It is one of the most desirable and favorable film viewer in our domestic market.

Main Technical Parameter

Dimension: 428×180×200mm

Brightness: ≥100000cd/m2

Window for radiographic interpretation: 300×80mm

Darkness Range of photographic density: 0-4.0D

Power: 200W

Usage and Notice:

1.Connect the film viewer with a 220V power supply source through the power cable;

2.Insert the plug of the foot switch into the rear of the film viewer;

3.Press the power switch of the film viewer, at this time, only one lamp in the viewer is lightened;

4.Press one press key from to  Ⅲ to adjust the brightness of the lamps. The start on or off of the lamps inside the view can be controlled by the foot switch. If you want the lamps turn off, just loosen the foot switch.

5.To prolong the usage life of the film viewer, the voltage of the viewer should meet its requirement. 

6.Handle the film with care to avoid its lamps from being damaged.