• X-ray Equipment Accessory
  • X-ray Equipment Accessory
  • X-ray Equipment Accessory

X-ray Equipment Accessory

Application range:
X-ray Equipment Accessory


Multifunctional automatic lift


The multifunctional automatic lift is a kind of the newest practical assistance tool for NDT. This product can match with varies domestic and international portable X-ray flaw detectors. 

Generator supportedby the lift can automatically turned to left or right. The lift can perform four-directional movement. Due to its security, practicability, convenience and high efficiency, this product greatly releases workman’s working power and gain wide favor from its customers.

At present, this product designs two models: three meters high and five meters height.


Device measuring focus distance and locating

Circumferential laser positioning device

Directional laser ranging and positioning device

The laser center indicator can measure the focus distance and locate, which not only reducing human cost and material cost, but also greatly reducing testing periodpromotes the inspection efficiency.


Safety warning unit for detector


This equipment is set with X-ray radiation level warning unit can automatically detect radiation intensity. Once the radiation intensity surpasses the limit, the high voltage can immediately shut off to protect human being from radiation.