• Cylinder Digital X-ray Real-time Inspection System

Cylinder Digital X-ray Real-time Inspection System

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Cylinder Digital X-ray Real-time Inspection System

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Cylinder Digital X-ray Real-time Inspection System

XYG-22508/3 and XYG-3205/2 X-ray Vehicle Cylinder Digital Real-time Inspection System which R&D by Dandong Aolong Radiative Instrument Group Co., Ltd. is the digital imaging detecting equipment, which is professional applied to the LNG gas cylinder manufacture company, and the first one passed the identification from National Gas Standardization Technical Committee and National Inspection Administration Department.

X-ray machine Part of this system adopts the most advanced HP type high energy X-Ray tube of international ( Focus small, imaging clear) and high frequency high voltage technology (main machine 40KHZ, small ripple, high stability, strong penetration);

Digital Imaging part adopts digital flat panel detector, the computer digital imaging software system is the professional developed for LNG vehicle cylinder inspection, and this software system owns the most advanced technology and the most complete function in domestic.

Mechanical device System combines our patent technology and the channel type pipeline design, with strong functions, high reliability, realize the seamless connection with the product line of the final clients, pipeline type inspection improve the inspection efficiency .  

According to the character of LNG vehicle cylinder material (stainless steel), during the process of transportation and inspection, the system adopts the polyurethane material transmission roller which avoids the carbon pollution to the stainless steel material.

This system have already supplied the NDT service for over 50 LNG vehicle cylinder manufacture companies in China and aboard. A number of mechanical design and intelligent software research have obtained the national invention patents.


System Composition

●High Frequency constant voltage X-Ray machine

●High Resolution Flat panel detector

●Intelligent digital imaging process system

●Pipeline joint design system

●Lead protection system

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