• X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument(YX-2)

X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument(YX-2)

Application range:
X-ray Crystal Orientation


X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument(YX-2)

Product Features

The instrument is single crystal diffraction type normal precision orientation instrument, which are easy to operate, and with high intensity, it applies to the orientation of piezocrystal, optical crystal and other single crystal materials.

YX-2 model:accuracy is ±30", digital display, the minimum reading is 10”.


Technical Parameters

Input power: Single phase AC 220V, 50Hz, 0.5kW

X-ray tube: Cu target, air cooling.

Tube voltage: 30kV,

Tube current: 0~5mA

Counter: Geiger counter

Time constant: 0.1s, 0.4s, 3s

lTesting Range of angle: θ=-10°~50°, 2θ=-10°~100°

Angel reading: the minimal reading marked on the scale ring: 2θ:1°,θ:1°

Digital display: Degree, minute, second      

Angel adjustment: Number can be displayed at any angle

Slit range: 4', 5', 6'

Optical Shuttle: Manual

Display: Digital angle display

Composite precision: ±30"

Size:1140mm(L)X 650mm(W)X 1030mm(H)