• X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument (YX-200)

X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument (YX-200)

Application range:
X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument (YX-200)


X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument (YX-200)

Features                                                                                                                                                                                YX-200 is twin-crystal diffraction type high precision orientation instrument, which are easy for operation, with low intensity, it applies to the orientation of piezocrystal, optical crystal and other single crystal materials.

YX-200 model: precision is ±15", scale display, minimum reading is 10".


Technical Parameters

Input power: Single phase AC 220V, 50Hz, 0.5kW

X-ray tube: Cu target, air cooling. Tube voltage: 30kV, Tube current :0~5mA

Counter: Geiger counter

Time constant: 0.1s, 0.4s, 3s

Testing Range of angle: θ=-10°~ 50°, 2θ=-10° ~100°

Angel reading: the minimal reading marked on the scale ring:2θ:1°, θ:1°

Digital display: degree, minute, second   

Angel adjustment: number can be displayed at any angle

Optical Shuttle: manual control

Display: digital angle display

Precision: ±10"

Size: 1140mm(L)X 650mm(W)X 1030mm(H)

Weight: 150kg