Automatical Crystal X-ray Orientation Instrument
2017/2/8 11:03:36

Automatical Crystal X-ray Orientation Instrument


The instrument utilizes PC control, it can automatically measure sapphire and other types crystal to determine its crystal peak value, peak position, crystal surface deviation, and surface defects. Results are displayed on computer screen in the form of tables and curves, and can be printed out through an external connected printer.


Technical Parameters

Input power: Single phase AC 220V, 50Hz, 0.5kW

X-ray tube: Cu target, air cooling. Tube voltage: 30kV,tube current :0~5mA

Counter: Geiger counter

Display: computer

Testing Range of angle: θ=-10°~50°,2θ=-10°~100°

Angel adjustment: Display number can be set at any angle

Optical Shuttle: Electric

Comprehensive accuracy: ±15″

Size: 700mm(L)X 530mm(W)X 1400mm(H)

Weight: 100kg