• Sticking Ingot X-ray Orientation Instrument By X&Y Axis

Sticking Ingot X-ray Orientation Instrument By X&Y Axis

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Sticking Ingot X-ray Orientation Instrument By X&Y Axis


The instrument included double workbench, the left workbench can orientate  2~6 inches sapphire bar on X axis by X-ray, the minimum length of crystal bar is 20mm,using slideway to slide on a material board, stick many pieces of crystal bar;The right workbench uses professional tool to orientate 2~6 inches sapphire bar on Y axis, then put the crystal bar and clamp on grinding bed for grinding and machining of the reference glass surface. The stick and orientation accuracy is ±15"/30", the minimum reading by 1".

Technical Parameters

●Input power: Single phase with AC 220V,50Hz,0.5kW

●X-ray tube: Cu target,air cooling,and anode grounding.

●Max.tube voltage and current: 30kV,0~5mA, continuous adjustment. If the current is above 2.0mA,which may damage the X-ray tube and enlarge the radiative harm

●Detector: counter, the Max. working voltage is DC1000V;

Or scintillation counter, the Max. working voltage is DC1200V.

●Time setting: 1(fast)/2(slow)

●Angle range: 2θ=-10°~120°,θ=-5°~60°

●Angle reading: Digital display in degree, minutes or seconds, the minimum reading to 1"

 Digital display in degree, the minimum reading to 0.001°

●Angle adjustment: Digital display can be preset at any angle.

●Main optical shutter: Manual

●Display: Angle display, and radiative intensity display

●Comprehensive precision: ±15″or±30″.(Measured with standard quartz ).

●External dimension: 1132mm(L)X 642mm(W)X 1460mm(H)

●Weight: 300kg