Full Enclosed Crystal Bar On X&Y Axis X-ray Orientation Splice Instrument
2017/2/8 11:12:48

Full Enclosed Crystal Bar On X&Y Axis X-ray Orientation Splice Instrument


The instrument is the full enclosed type workbench, the left workbench can orientate 2~6 inches sapphire bar by X-ray, the minimum length of crystal bar is 20mm, using slideway to slide on a material board, stick many pieces of crystal bar;The right workbench uses professional tool to orientate 2~6 inches sapphire bar on Y axis, then put the crystal bar and clamp on grinding bed for grinding and machining of the reference glass surface. The stick and orientation accuracy is ±15"/30", the minimum reading by 1".


Technical Parameters

Input power: Single phase with AC 220V,50Hz,0.5kW

X-ray tube: Cu target,air cooling,and anode grounding

Max.tube voltage and current: 30kV, 5mA, continuous adjustment. If using the current is more than 2.0mA, which may damage the X-ray tube and enlarge the radiative harm

Detector: counter, the Max. working voltage is DC1000V;

         Or scintillation counter, the Max.working voltage is DC1200V

Time set: 1(fast)/2(slow)

Angle range: 2θ=-10°~120°,θ=-5°~55°

Angle reading: Digital display in degree, minute and second, the minimum reading is 1"

Digital display in degree, minute and second, with the value difference display, the minimum reading to 1"

Digital display in degree, the minimum reading to 0.001°

Digital display in degree, with the difference value, the minimum reading is 0.001°

Angle adjustment: digital display can be preset at any angle.

Main shutter:automatic

Shield: Full enclosed

Display board: angle display, and radiative intensity display

Comprehensive precision: ±15″or±30″.(Measured with standard quartz ).

External dimension :1132mm(L)X 642mm(W)X 1460mm(H)

Weight: 300kg