Semi-Automatical Peak-Seeking X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument
2017-2-8 11:17:26

Semi-Automatical Peak-Seeking X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument


The instrument includes double workbench, both of the left and right workbench can test 2~8 inch crystal chip, the repeat accuracy is ±3". Also it can test the single crystal angle of peak position.

The computer analysis system is composed of the computer and data analysis software. It can process the peak curve which is obtained after analyzing and processing the real time data, and then obtain the angle of peak position, it displays on PC screen in the form of table and curve, usually it needs around 20 seconds to test one sample(scan range≤2o), it can test one time or many times. The angle measuring accuracy of this instrument is ±15", the Min. reading is 1".


Technical Parameters

Input power: Single phase with AC 220V,50Hz,0.5kW

X-ray tube: Cu target, air cooling, anode grounding voltage and current:30kV, 5mA ,being continued adjustment .

Detector: counter, the Max. working voltage is DC1000V;

          Or scintillation counter, the max. working voltage is DC1200V

Time setting: 1(fast)/2(slow)

Angle range: 2θ=-10°~120°,θ=-5°~60°

Angle reading: Digital display in degree, minutes or seconds, the minimum reading is 1"

               Digital display in degree, the minimum reading is 0.001°

Angle adjustment: Digital display can be preset at any angle.

Main optical shutter: Automatic  

Display: Angle display, and radiative intensity table

Comprehensive precision: ±15″(Measured with standard quartz ).

External dimension: 1132mm(L)X 642mm(W)X 1460mm(H)

Weight: 300kg