Dual Energy Food Safety Inspection System
2017/2/15 9:06:28

Dual Energy Food Safety Inspection System 

Impurities in food such as paper, band aid, iron wire, glass, plastic, metal and others can be detected by x-ray. Traditional x-ray detector can only detect out one kind of impurity, but if there are a variety of impurities in food or densities of food and impurity are close, it will be difficult for traditional x-ray detector to distinguish.

In order to settle this problem, Aolong X-ray Group has recently developed multi- impurity x-ray detecting machine. It adopts advanced dual-energy detector, imported small focus x-ray source and professional image processing software, can detect out two or more kinds of impurity in food, also can be used to detect crafts or medical devices.


Dual-energy x-ray system inspecting picture

Plastic sheet(0.5mm0.8mm1.0mm1.2mm), aluminum sheet(0.5mm), glass(1mm) in porridge.


As we can see, these different kinds of impurities are all detected out.


(Sample face x-ray source)


(Sample face dual-energy detector)

Traditional X-ray machine and flat-panel detector inspecting picture


According to contrast, advantages of dual-energy x-ray detector are obvious. It will more applied to food, food packaging, aquatic products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other industries.