• X-ray Cyustal Analysis Meter

X-ray Cyustal Analysis Meter

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X-ray Cyustal Analysis Meter

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X-ray Crustal Analysis Meter


JF-2000 is used to inspect inner micro structure of the material, such as: single crystal direction, flaw defects inspection, qualitative analysis of material, measure the lattice parameters and the remainder stress, etc.

X-ray generator

Tube voltage
10~60kV, controlles by auto-singlechip(1kV/step)
Tube current5~80mA, conteolled by auto-singlechip(1mA/step)
Stability of tube voltage, tube current


Out put ratting3kW
Controlled by PLC module, pre set parameters and auto-closed by setting time

There is protection device for non-voltage, non-current, over-voltage, over-power, non-water and for over-temperature of tube inserted.

Cooling system


The instrument comes with cooling system, without external recirculated water, it can display the temperature and pressure of water and protect the flaw rate.

X-ray shield 

X-ray tube target material:Cu, Fe, Co, Cr, W, Mo (option)
Rating power:2kW
Focus size:Point focus(0.1×0.1), line focus(0.1×0.1)
Rating voltage:60kV
Rating current:80mA
It adopts high density and high light transmission lead glass, external radiation leakage is less than 2.5μ sv/H
Domestic and imported camera can be chosen

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