• Radioisotope Identification Device

Radioisotope Identification Device

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Radioisotope Identification

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Radioisotope Identification Device

RID-L01can identificate radionuclide by measuring and analysing energy spectrum, also has the function of measuring radiation dose rate, cumulative dose, and searching for radioactive sources. It is designed for field radionuclide identification, suitable for nuclear security radiation safety of nuclear facilities, traffic flow and other occasions, operated and maintained by the professionally trained staff. The instrument can also be used to the nuclear industry, nuclear medicine, radiological health, environmental monitoring, military, scientific research, teaching, chemical engineering, geological exploration and other fields.

Performance parameter

Crystal size: ø1.5” × 1.5” (ø38mm×38mm)

Relative energy resolution: 137Cs662keV less than 3.5% under normal temperature

Measurable range of energy: 30keV~3MeV

Total channel quantity: 4096

Radionuclide identificate: GB/T 31837-2015

Ambient dose equivalent rate measurement:

   Ambient dose equivalent rate: 0.1μSv/h~1Sv/h

   Cumulative ambient dose equivalent:  0.1μSv~10Sv

Uncertainty of ambient dose equivalent rate

         1μSv/h~1Sv/h less than ±20%

       0.1μSv/h~1Sv/h less than ±30%

Alarm corresponding time: less than 3s

Overload indication: Irradiate for 5 minutes at 10 times the maximum measurable peripheral dose equivalent rate, energy indication overload.

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