• X-ray Intellectual Counting Machine

X-ray Intellectual Counting Machine

Application range:
Electronic components counting

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X-ray Intellectual Counting Machine


Main Function

The system realizes the non-contact technology of electronic components. Servo drive system makes the disk stability enter. The whole equipment adopts online design, using X - ray linear array detector for image shooting, the number of components can be automatically identified by software. With external interfaces,  it can be butted with ERP and other external systems to automatically upload data.

Main Parameter

  • X-ray tube: Closed ray tube 10kV-100kV

  • Max. tube power: 500W

  • Linear array detector: TDI CCD, pixel: 27X27 μm

  • Plate size: 7-15 " automatic mixed recognition count

  • Average accuracy of statistical quantity: >99.8%

  • Conveyor belt speed: 2.46m/min

  • USB port: 2 (can be connected with external scanner and printer)

  • RJ45 port: 1 (10M/100M self-adaptive)

  • Counting time: 5~6s per plate

  • Average accuracy: >99.9%

  • Radiation safety: less than 1μSv/hr 

Main Features

  • Small volume

  • Fast speed

  • Intellectual component counting

  • Bar code machine connectable


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