• Industrial Plannar CT

Industrial Plannar CT

Application range:
Detectable defects: bridging, open circuit, loss, deformation, cracking, skew, hole, etc.

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PCB Microfocus Inspection CT

PCB Microfocus Inspection CT is a specializing tool to inspect the board internal quality state and structure information, it can be used for evaluating and analyzing PCB board, BGA, integrated chip such board shape product high resolution image quality. Reconstruct scan area 3D tomographic image, realizing positioning the defects on board shape electric devices,and work out the CAD design of the board shape device part and electric circuit.

The product technology has obtained the national invention patent.

Main Functions:

1. Detectable defects: bridging, open circuit, loss, deformation, cracking, skew, hole, shape deviation (roundness), edge blur, and BGA solder joint defects;

2. The device is able to perform high-resolution tomography (CT) on the test object;

3. Using open tube, easy to replace and maintain;

4. Three-dimensional CL tomography (the highest spatial resolution of 10μm)

5 can be placed plate-shaped object maximum size (800mm x 800mm)

Main Parameters:

  • Micro-focus ray source (maximum voltage 160kV, the maximum current 1.0mA, maximum power 64W)

  • Flat panel detector (1536 × 1920 pixels, 127μm pixel size, A / D conversion 16 bits)

  • Two-dimensional motion stage (maximum allowable load 5kg, two-dimensional motion range 330mm × 330mm)

  • Object lifting bracket (optional)

  • X-ray machine bracket

  • Detector hanging bracket (detector maximum tilt angle of 60 degrees, 360-degree rotation)

  • Radiation shielding room

  • Data and image processing workstations

  • Motion control system

  • CL data acquisition, processing, and reconstruction software system

  • System accuracy calibration module

  • Three-dimensional display and analysis software


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